jeudi 10 février 2011

Wut is Onlive ?

At the optical fibre connections dawn, a genius has a genius idea, put games in streaming.
he called it "Onlive" you can try it for free NOW!

It's smooth even in Wi-fi connection and the latence is really small for the service it offers.
Not at his top but probably at the top of what it can provide at the moment.
In the trial version, you have acces at a list of ten video game. The 3 first day allowing you  to play unlimited, then you'll have 30min/day

What you can do : 
- Watch other people playing On live !
- Be watched by other players On live !
- Try some games for free

Why is it revolutionary ? cuz if this works well in the future, graphic cards and badass computer will be obsolete ;) (i mean for solo games)!!§§!

I can't explain all the system with my bad english, so... check by yourself! ;)

Another "Free" game ;p

I just finished an AMAZING game called "Trine" not free at all but, yknwhatimean ;)

Easy, immersive, fantastic and shining.
This game will give you ~3h of pure joy, YEAH you'll just feel like this old women.

Don't wait and go ahead :
Click me :

Free online games ?

I need some good online games PvP focused

The only one i found wich is truly a game is LoL that most of you will know :

I'm looking for this kind of game, well finished, entertaining and FREE!

You can also try HoN wich has 10games Free trial atm using Alienware trial keys, just need to register then ask for your trial key ;)
That's a very entertaining game Dota like in quake style. Try it!

You can make as much account as you want :) and the game isn't heavy at all Enjoy !

Valentine's day

Who else will be alone ?
Me ? my stupidity did the job 1month ago :s.. but seriously, it doesn't matter :) wow server will be ON anyway

mardi 8 février 2011


Some screen of the beta


New MMORPG : Rift!

  • "Telara the Merciless

    The final RIFT beta event is at hand and Trion Worlds is proud to announce that the RIFT beta will conclude with a six day Open Beta event!" From

    So, hope you get ready ;)